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Had Shingles shot and now have PMR

Polymyalgia Rheumatica (PMR) | Last Active: Jun 28, 2021 | Replies (31)

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Since my last post in August, there have been interesting developments. After receiving advice from my family doctor NOT to get the second Shingrix shot, I asked my son, an MD-PhD neuropathologist, whether he agreed, and he didn't. Confused by this conflict in opinion, sometime in the early fall I asked my doctor for a referral to a specialist in infectious diseases, and was set up for an appointment at a top Columbus, Ohio hospital in mid-December. But well before setting up this appointment, I had done a routine check of my other vaccinations and, discovering my DTaP vaccine was close to needing renewal, had scheduled a renewal shot for early December at my local health department. As I arrived for my DTaP shot, the nurse and I had a cursory exchange of information, but neither of us verified which shot I was getting. As it turned out, the nurse in perusing my chart, had seen I had had the first but not the second Shingrix shot and assumed that was why I had come in. It was only after she had administered the second Shingrix, that I realized I had been given it and not the DTaP. I braced myself for a bad reaction, but not only did that not materialize, but I didn't even have a sore arm. With more than a month having elapsed since then, I have not experienced any negative affect from the shot. Perhaps, it was suggested by another nurse at the health department, the first shot had protected me.

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I am glad that the new Shingles vaccine given in two doses ( Shingrix) is having better results than the original vaccine given in one dose ( Zostavax) . I received the Zostavax ( a live vaccine) and then was diagnosed with PMR. I believe MANY MANY people on this feed have also contracted PMR from that original vaccine. (Merck) Had I known that PMR was a side effect I Would have never agreed to get the vaccine. I would rather have the shingles again than to be living with PMR.

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