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allergic reaction to bone cement

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Hello, this is Irish283. My pain was most Of time on the outer right side of rt. Knee by joint I had pain, swelling it felt hot to touch.
At about one month after surgery I was taken by ambulance to ER. The pain came on very suddenly and the severity was about 20 on a scale of 1-10! They checked for infection, loose prosthetic,. They didn’t find anything. This keeps me up at night. I usually wake up from pain always on the outer right side and sometimes it is also on the back of knee. I put ice pack on it and it helps.
I’m grateful knowing that it’s not in my head.....I have never been allergic to ANYTHING,
When I went to the allergist they tested me for metals, cements and other things that I don’t remember what ....I also had a reaction to neomycin, which is an antibiotic. I don’t know what to do, this stuff is dangerous. If it breaks down due to my body rejecting this it could get into my blood and then I could possibly have an embolism, which could kill me, or my heart could be affected.
They need to manufacture another type of cement without this methyl methacrylate. I between a rock and a hard place!
Go get tested!

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Thank your for your reply. Has your surgeon given you any ideas what can be done. Revision? Please keep me posted with your progress.