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allergic reaction to bone cement

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Hello, I’m new to this site and read about Denver at Denver re their TKR. I too have had a bad experience after my surgery done August 2019. After 2 1/2 mos. of therapy and riding the bike for 15 mins. I suddenly couldn’t make a full revolution. The pain in my knee has always been in pretty much the same area. I have gone to multiple surgeons for “second opinion”. The last dr. I saw suggested I go for allergy testing….I. Came back positive for MMA, methyl methacrylate and neomycin sulfate. I am devastated !! My surgeon literally blew me off when I saw him at 7 mos. post operative I was complaining of same pain. There are so many legal suits pertaining to this cement! Why didn’t they make me go for allergy testing, since this seems to be a problem that has been on going for quite some time! That’s all it would have taken is a simple allergy test. I’m in more pain now than prior to my surgery. Is there anything ELSE that would or could be used in MMA substitution? I can’t believe this is still in use! Why? I don’t know what to do……

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Had TKR in January and Manual Manipulation in March. Always had pain since surgery. Pain getting worse on outside of knee. Where was your pain located. Wondering if I’m allergic also. My surgeon retired and the surgeon who took over ignored my pain concerns and said “stop think about your knee all the time and just live with it”.

Hi, I'm so sorry you went through what I went through exactly. Including being blown off by my surgeon in Vail. I too, am allergic to the bone cement. The other option- call Dr Mark Tuttle at PSL hosp in Denver. There is a device called a press fit, the bone grows into the device and cement isn't needed, 6 wks on crutches while it grows into the TKR. You don't say where you live, but I imagine every large city has this option, it isn't a new method. I am 100% fine now, biking, hiking, doing yoga. Let us know how you are. It will be alright!

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