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@jenniferhunter I can't thank you enough for this response and the shared links. Question: Would you be able to share the name of your surgeon with me?

I have no other health issues except weight. (240). I've had a significant loss with Saxenda since November but it would surely be a concern. My bp is controlled with Twynsta. No diabetes, heart or major organ issues. Never smoked and do not drink alcohol. I do have my total work up file on PDF, including my ecg comparison as well as a disc containing mri images of my spine. There are notations in my file by the diagnosing physician (at LSI) stating the proposed surgery procedure before the final appointment with Dr Prada. I'm not sure what surgery would be advised by Mayo.

By the way, Rochester would be closest for us to travel.

I'm going to discuss our conversation with hubby on the weekend. Thank you so my for your time and energy these past couple of days. Today my pain is a raging ten…after a brief outing to the hair salon.

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I have been reading your posts with great interest and thought it might be helpful to share my experience at Mayo in Rochester. I am having surgery on my cervical spine at Mayo two weeks from today. I will be 66 this summer, have asthma, and am a Type II diabetic. I also weigh 250 pounds. My orthopedic surgeon at Mayo thinks I will have a good outcome from surgery despite my other health issues…he just wants my blood glucose to be under a certain level.
I was a self-referral to Mayo about three years ago because of issues related to my lower spine. I will need lumbar fusion in the future but the orthopedist at Mayo found the cervical spine issues on an MRI and believes the cervical spine fusion needs to come first. Do not hesitate to contact Mayo. Please let me know if you have questions.

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