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Thanks for checking in on me. On March 17 I had lad work and a Nuc Med PET CT, results were given to me on Monday and were not in my favor. Therefore the PRRT treatment is no longer working for me. Last week (Mar 24) I had a Nuc Med PET CT and lab work done. Tumor count has gone back up (was 158 now 951) and the CT showed progression of the cancer, is now in many more places. I will be starting an oral chemotherapy treatment next week in addition to the injection that I get every four weeks. The two oral chemotherapy treatments that I will be starting; Xeloda and Temodar. Karin

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@klpetts Hello Karin

I'm disappointed to hear that the results of your tests were not more favorable. After going through the rigors of PRRT, I'm sure must feel discouraged as well.

What has your doctor said regarding the Xeloda and Temodar? Are these meds often used to treat advanced cancer? When will you start this treatment?

I hope that this treatment offers potential for you. Will you post an update and let me know how you are doing?

@klpetts Hello Karin,

Last month you indicated that you would be starting some oral chemo treatments. Have you started those meds already?

How are you feeling? Are you still working?