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ACNES, Abdominal Cutaneous Nerve Entrapment Syndrome

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I had abdominal pain for 16 years and had so, so many tests done with no results or diagnosis. I then found the Mals Awareness group on Facebook. What you’re describing sounds like mals. Check them out!

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@lasirvent So did you get tested for MALS and did you have then a surgery/procedure. I havent been checked for that yet but I do think there is one doctor in STL that deals with MALS. The pain for the first year was navel to xiphoid process, constant pain and aching but no problems with nausea or bathroom issues. Then around the 16 month the pain extended down to pelvis. Mornings are the worse once I awake after say 5-7 hrs of rough sleep I go to the bathroom and pain is terrible right afterwards. I have the pain when I awake but most mornings after the pain from navel to pelvis is 8.5, its slowly then adds a lot of pain up the middle to xiphoid and makes a ridge of pain below the rib line. I have pain both above and below navel that take turns on who wants to be the worst pain. My next block by new pain mgt doctor is in two weeks and it will be ilioinguinal and iliohypogastic. Those were done with steroids after my first injection that was just the numbing medicine. That was 16 months ago, it helped after a day for say 48 hours of 80% less pain, then it came back. They then tried other blocks but not celiac or splenic block. Celiac would be the next block to try. Then I guess Mals, I just can't find a script that provides relief of really any kind, I wish taking a 10mg Hydro, Oxy, antidepress, gabapenin or lyrica helped but they don't. Did you every find a drug that helped?