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ACNES, Abdominal Cutaneous Nerve Entrapment Syndrome

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Please note in Nov 2020 it will be 2 years with this diagnosis & I’m still suffering. Like many have said trigger point injections only last so long. They are thinking also about Xiphoid Process Syndrome could be causing this pain as well. I currently take 1800 mg gabapentin a day & it helps make the pain a little more bearable. I saw 4 drs at the HP neurolo science center in St. Paul MN. I did 3 months of PT, no help. I went to a pain specialist & they just wanted to hand me Oxy & have me move about my day. I don’t want any narcotics period. Tried coming back to the Mayo for neurology & my case was REJECTED! After seeing another 3 specialist I finally found a place to help me. He’s a Chiropractor Neurologist who specializes in chronic pain. I go 2x a week for treatments that are intense but I have so much nerve damage from the lower sternum all the way across the left side of my chest, arm, shoulder, neck, and left upper back. Basically I learned that if it’s not treated nerve pain travels to other areas. This therapy is intense but it’s slowly helping and also training my brain pain receptors not to keep sending pain signals. I still have a lot of bad days & nights and have been to the hospital more times than I can count before this Chiropractor treatment. Any other suggestions??

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@leet3415 You might be interested in myofascial release with a certified MFR specialist. If you have scar tissue or surgical scar tissue, MFR right be able to lease the restrictions ,lessen pain, and get dehydrated tissues working and moving again. You can have entrapments anywhere because of overly tight muscle and fascia. Here is our discussion with a lot of information. I do MFR myself and it helps me a lot. https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/myofascial-release-therapy-mfr-for-treating-compression-and-pain/