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ACNES, Abdominal Cutaneous Nerve Entrapment Syndrome

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Almost 3 years in severe pain with NO HELP. I finally diagnosed myself! Twenty three (23) doctors claimed they "never heard of A.C.N.E.S." so my stack of medical literature was ignored, as was my horrendous pain. Can't sit for nearly 3 years. I repeatedly posted on this site and others, no response to A.C.N.E.S, and NOW you're saying it's COMMON? Central sensitization has worsened the pain. I had all the hallmarks: prior abdominal surgeries, positive Carnett's, and trigger point injections but only temporary relief..21 stupid prescriptions that did nothing. This month I FINALLY FOUND A PHYSICIAN WHO LISTENED, and I underwent resection of anterior cutaneous nerve branches at T7, T8, and T9, with pathology reporting three traumatic neuromas. Gee, I'm SOOOO glad you figured it out. Congratulations.

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I have been to so many doctors its ridiculous, and have had every test done possible... they all look at me like I am nuts ... finally found a pain clinic that Knows about ACNES ... I pray they can help me.

which doctor did you see at the may clinic? thanks

How are you doing after the neuroma removal? I’m at 7 months and my pain doctor diagnosed neuroma/acnes but won’t offer even an injection, only a dorsal root ganglion implant! I just made an appointment with a plastic surgeon who does neuroma removal in another state... no one in my area does it! Was the operation worth it? I can’t sit for more than 15 min, they think it’s the iliohypogastric nerve.

Wow!! Similar story hear. Have yet to have the surgery. All other treatments have provided short term, partial relief

Hello my name is Kenneth,

3+ years also not able to sit or bend over. Three surgeries that all made things worse much worse. I'm still suffering but I know it's ACNES!! Can you send the contact info of the Doctor you found here. Please help. I think you understand my desperation.

Thank you ❤️

Just stumbled on this post because I am trying to find a physician to help a friend that has FINALLY been diagnosed with ACNES. She is suffering a great deal - may I ask who you finally ended up seeing that listened to you? Thank You!

Who did your surgery, please?