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The Pain in CRPS

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Hi Mark! I'm Renee. We sound like 2 peas in a pod lol. U have 2 try and laugh at something with this horrible disease!! I was diagnosed a little over a year ago. I started with a broken ankle 6 months b4 my life changed forever. I made it through a very long journey with m y ankle 9 months in a full boot. I was so happy to start physical therapy. But my foot and leg started to turn purple and swell. Then I went 2 my orthopedic surgeon and he happened 2 have a co worker who research ed crps 4 two years. They immediately sent me 2 a pain management doctor. I got 2 nerve blockers in my foot and leg and it worked. Little did I know how this disease totally is like nothing else. Jumped to left hand and arm with in 2 week s. Nothing worked gabapentin a total joke. Then nerve blockers no luck. Hand was in atrophy and my doctor booked and immediate trial spinal stimulator implant. I wa s about 2 lose my hand and scared as shit!!!! The trial gave me my hand and ar. Back within 3 hours I was amazed
He booked me for an implant 4 days later. The surgery was tough and recovery. But it was great, until it jumped to other arm within a month. The put 2 titanium leads in so the were able 2 just turn it on. Unfortunately it's now in my spine. But I can control some pain in hands and arms. I also keep a pain journal . My state has medical marijuana which has been a life saver.
U can talk 2 me any time. Keep some faith. I also due allot of medical research I do, so if u want 2 find out anything I can try to help!!! Best of luck..and I am only a few years older than u.

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My daughter was diagnosed with CRPS several years ago. I did some research but this information I am going to tell you about was honestly given to me by my angels. If you will look up Calmare Therapy or Scrambler Therapy. This is what we used to treat my daughter's CRPS. It worked!! It is not an invasive treatment. Please check it out. It is "scrambling of the nerves" taking the pain away. I'm not sure if it is covered by insurance companies, but about 8 years ago this therapy was in a trial with the DHS. It is amazing. I hope you will check it out and find a certified doctor for this therapy. Good luck and God bless you. No one should have to endure this type of pain.