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The Pain in CRPS

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I have CRPS Types 1 and 2, with my right leg being the primary location, and specifically in the knee area. That's where the discoloration, swelling, pain, allodynia are centered. The burning and skin changes now have spread throughout my right leg. I'm also noticing the start of issues in my left knee/leg as well. This nightmare began on 8/23/2016, although not due to the usual causes. I've begun keeping a photo diary, in addition to noting factors such as activity, stress, weather, mood, etc. The photos are very important to me, as they allow me to compare the visual manifestations of my symptoms over time. Additionally, the appearence of my knees/legs varies greatly over each day, as well as day to day. Having the photos provides my doctor with the ability to see the visual aspects of my CRPS, regardless of how they look at that given moment when a provider looks at my knees/legs in an office visit. Hang in there! Research reaseach research, as knowlesge is power, and you NEED to be your own advocate.

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I have crps type 1, was diagnosed about 2 years ago. Broke my ankle in 3 places and that's where my nightmare began. I was extremely lucky to be diagnosed early. I tried gabapentin , nerve blockers , but they all failed. I have a spinal implant and it saved my hand. Mine jumped quickly from leg to arm then after implant to other arm, but they had already put leads in for both arms. Unfortunately now it's in my spine, I use medical marijuana to help when it's really bad. I also keep a diary of every thing and pictures. I try and tell others that have it to really enjoy the days when u feel good. Do something special for yourself!! I'm here to listen and compare whatever anyone has to say! Keep in touch if you want. I'm always checking the posts . Good luck!!