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The Pain in CRPS

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I would say the pain is not possible to describe. I do mine on a scale of 1to 10. But the pain itself could be burning, tingling, or stabbing. I write every thing down every day . I write down the weather, how much stress I have any changes in my health. This disorder sucks. No one person I've spoken to on this forum seems to say the same thing. So I only can pass on what mine is like. I also have several other health issues. So I just go day to day. And try to find a good day and do something special for myself...I'd suggest you try the same. Keep talking and best wishes.

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A diary is a good idea. I haven't done that. It would be helpful when seeing a doctor. My days are busy and there is much to do even with the pain. I also have others to care for - a husband and a granddaughter occupy much of my time as well as learning how to best deal with the situations that come up. I am also learning a lot spiritually and that continues to be an exciting journey. Have a great day.