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Ileocolic Resection Surgery

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Hello @lovablesteven

Since @tiss mentioned her problem with SIBO due to the removal of the ileocecal valve, I looked up a discussion on Connect that deals with this problem. If you take a look at those discussions you will see what @tiss is talking about. Here is the link (at the top of the discussion I suggest that you click on the box and select "Newest to Oldest" in order to get the most recent discussions first) https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/permanent-sibo-due-to-removal-of-ileocecal-valve/

As @tiss suggested, you might want to discuss the matter of the valve being removed next time you talk to your doctor about surgery and see if she anticipates removing that valve during surgery and how she might treat any SIBO problems.

@tiss, could you share how long you have been taking the Xifaxan? Did you start this antibiotic right after the surgery?

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I was not tested for SIBO until about a year after surgery when I changed to a new GI. The old GI never mentioned the possibility. I suffered a lot not only due to the nature of the surgery but then the SIBO. I tested positive and was given 3 separate month long trials of Xifaxan but it always returned after a few weeks. Then my doctor explained why the wide open anastomosis with no IV was unable to keep bacteria from backing up into the small intestine. He decided to put me on it indefinitely 2x day. I still had some problems, although was better. He bumped the Xifaxan up to 3 a day and it did the trick. I'm not sure every GI would be open to this but it's changed the quality of my life so much. Still have challenges but manage much better. The key is finding a great, open minded GI. My surgery was 31 months ago.