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Ileocolic Resection Surgery

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I have a fistula in my small intestines that is draining and filling an abscess in my lower abdomen, and a diseased part of my colon, they want to take out part of my colon, lower intestines and clean out the abscess…..I am worried because I've been feeling good since I've been on entyvio (6months) but the fistula doesn't seem to want to heal and continues to refill the abscess. From what I understand this won't stop until the fistula is healed or taken out. I would like the medicine to do its job and idk if surgery is the next step since it's only been 6 months I've been on it, I'm just overwhelmed with all that is going on.

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Hello @lovablesteven and welcome to Mayo Connect.

I can certainly understand your concern about the possibility of surgery. Surgery tends to bring out the worst fears in us all, doesn't it?

Since you indicate that you have been feeling better on the Entyvio, have you sought a second opinion to determine if surgery is your only answer? If not, please seek out a second opinion from a GI specialist who specializes in this type of problem. It might be good to get your second opinion from a multidisciplinary medical team like a university medical center or a place like Mayo Clinic (Mayo has 3 locations in Minnesota, Florida, and Arizona).

Will you post again and update me on your progress?

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