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I agree. Hormone therapy can be tough . . . hot flashes, loss of libido and fatigue are frequent consequences. Been there. Doing that. At your age, the 18 month timeframe for ADG therapy seems extreme to me. Moreover, it shouldn't take 18 months to regain your testosterone level. Further, depending on the progression of your cancer and your Gleeson scores, hormone therapy alone wouldn't be a prudent choice in my judgment. Yes, hormone therapy helps quell the gasoline (testosterone) that feeds the cancer fire. However, there's no guarantee that it will kill all the cancer cells. An extended hormone treatment of the kind you described is more likely to be prescribed for someone who has had previous treatment for prostate cancer — surgery, radiation or other — and has seen a recurrence of an elevated PSA. In those instances, a testosterone inhibitor can keep the cancer at bay where earlier options — again, surgery, radiation or other — are no longer suitable for the patient. I suggest you get another MD opinion to make sure you're looking at all the options correctly.

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Thanks so much. My Mayo rad onc doc tells me plan on a month of testosterone recovery for each month on hormone therapy. Guidelines obviously. My primary treatment would be proton therapy. MRI suggests that seminal vesicles “may be” impacted by cancer thus the longer hormone treatment. I was able to swallow the initially planned 6 month therapy but 18 would be brutal.

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