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Arrhythmia, coreg

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Hi Friends..I am at a loss! In May 2019 my BP started to go up 160/102 at the highest but those were rare times ..I had all the normal heart bloodwork done..plus a heart monitor and kidney ultrasound..tests all normal..let me also say I'm only 48 a avid fitness person..yoga..peloton..weight lifting..in addition a 20 plus year vegan..non drinker..non smoker weight is 114lbs!!.NOW following Dr Esselsty plan ..yet my bp was still high so pcm thought I should take Carvedilol 3.25 2 x a day to bring bp down untiI I get into new Cardiologist on Jan 8. So started Carvedilol on Dec 11 at the 3.25 2 x a day..BP still was high end 130/90 so pcm asked that I increase to 6.25 2 xa day (I have done the increase only 1 day)..ugh I hate it! Feet are burning..eyes are burning..heart is POUNDING..night sweating..and the worst pressure in my head and eyes!!! I want off this stuff ASAP..but I'm scared how do I stop..go to 1 time a day? My PCM just keeps saying to take it but itbis aweful!!!! I have only taken this med for 3 weeks!!!

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@gypsychick71 Welcome to our group of caring, compassionate people we cant diagnose but give out help with none problems. My cardiologist put me on Coreg before my bypass surgery , I took it one night had the worst nightmears couldn't sleep for it . I called him the next day and was told to go off it . With me I had the chest pain and he then put me on the nitro patch . Even though you haven't seen your cardiologist yet I would call his office and talk to the nurse see if you can get any information from the Dr. By the way what is a PCM?

@lioness PCM is a term used with Tricare for Primary Care Manager. So maybe that's what there referring to