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Thank you I will try these. Getting so reflux now but CT of abdomen didn’t show but I think problem would be esophagus. Finding out if I can take Zantac. This fructose Restricted diet is confusing. Scan tho I’m buying GF Products hv to be careful
Of hidden ingredients not good for this diet I will buy the lactofree cream. Thanks again

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Replies to "Thank you I will try these. Getting so reflux now but CT of abdomen didn’t show..."

@jeoangel32 Do you feel the problem is related to food? If so you should really try an elimination diet. Eliminate any possibilities and them if you feel better add each different class of food alone. Then you can determine if that was the problem. If after adding a food back in for a few days to a week the problem still seems better try adding something else back in, and so on. You can do this with a doctor’s guidance which would probably be the best way.

If you eliminate all possibilities and still have a problem then it must be something physiological, not something you are eating. That’s where a doctor’s guidance would be essential. I’m sorry your doctors have not been more helpful. If you have lost confidence in them you should seek out a different doctor, or ask why they are not considering food triggers.

Please let us know how you are doing.