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@jeoangel32 If you are thinking that lactose may be a problem there are some good lactose-free products. Whole Foods has lactose free, real dairy half and half, yogurt, and cream cheese. I have also found some of the non-dairy creamers to be tolerable and now that I am used to them they are fine. The one I like best is by Blue Diamond but Califia is OK too. Butter has only a trace of lactose but even so I use a vegan substitute made by "I can't believe it's not butter", or a new one, plant butter by Country Crock. They are both OK and the first has fewer calories.
I am including a picture of these products. I did not include the yogurt because you said you don't eat it, but it is also by Green Valley. It is not a Greek Yogurt, and it's low-fat, not fat-free.
I find Lactaid to be very little help. I plan to try Digestive Advantage Lactose Defense Formula, I have heard that works a little bit better than Lactaid.
As I read in an article about lactose-free dairy products, like aged cheese, that if there is a trace amount in the amount they are testing but you eat a large quantity, that trace amount, of course, adds up to a larger amount — that's a real OF COURSE! I have found that to be true of some cheeses.
I was visiting our daughter recently and she and her husband made pizza. I was afraid of the mozzarella so she put provolone on a part of the pizza for me. WOW, it was so much better than mozzarella! What a bonus that was.
Now that summer is here I realize I can no longer eat an occasional ice cream cone. 🙁 Sorbet is OK, but it's not the same as ice cream.
With the adjustments I have made I very rarely have a problem.

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Thank you I will try these. Getting so reflux now but CT of abdomen didn’t show but I think problem would be esophagus. Finding out if I can take Zantac. This fructose Restricted diet is confusing. Scan tho I’m buying GF Products hv to be careful
Of hidden ingredients not good for this diet I will buy the lactofree cream. Thanks again