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Overbearing parents

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Hi @karina77, have you considered asking for an appointment with a social worker for you together with your parents? They can help bridge communications between family members. I had the opportunity to do that with my daughter and a therapist. My daughter (15) and I both felt that the other wasn't understanding (or respecting) the other's point of view. Somehow it just helped having someone repeat back our words, making each of us feel acknowledged. It was also helpful to have this discussion outside of the house where there are worn patterns of communication and the conversations were usually happening amid many other things going on. For us, it only took one session with a therapist to just feel heard and to adjust how we talked and gave us more space to respect each others point of view a bit better.

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@colleenyoung What a great idea. I wish I had thought of that when my daughter was a teen. Thankfully, now we have a great relationship.

Hi @colleenyoung! We called the Mayo Clinic Children’s Psych. And got transferred to the nurse that was working alongside the doctor I was seeing at Mayo! She helped mend some bridges and helped with painting a better picture of how my treatment should go. She emphasized the importance of my independence! I wanted to thank you so much for your help and support! Means a lot to me!