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Average level of pain after TKR?

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To all who weighed in so far: Therapist says to be patient, and don’t overdo it like I tend to do. However, there’s no rhyme or reason for when and how intense the pain will be. Last week Monday I worked in my raspberry patch for 1 3/4 hours (pretty strenuous), after my usual daily 20 minute morning exercises and a 30 minute session in the pool. Tuesday 2 mile walk, then I helped a neighbor dig up some shrubs, Wednesday pool again, and I did some more yard work and dug a short trench to put a drainage pipe in – and I felt very good. Thursday not much of anything, and the knee was ornery. As I said, I can’t predict what’s going to happen. Taking the occasional Aleve, but have not done so in about 3 weeks. Currently I’m dosing myself with MSM powder on the advice of my bother, who went through knee issues recently. Seems to help lull the pain, and supposedly has no side effects. I would not mind some aches or slight pain once in a while, if I had absolutely perfect days in between. It’s the constant, very often very mild, and only part of the day, but ever present twinges and from time to time real bone-deep aches that get to me.

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@ellerbracke Oh my goodness, no wonder you are feeling pain! You really are doing a lot. Listen to your therapist — be patient and DON'T overdo!

Wanted to add here: between onset of knee pain, and initial unhelpful knee scope, and TKR, those varying degrees of twinges, discomfort, pain, and intense pain have been going on since August of 2017 – that’s why I’m so tired of and perhaps super sensitive to them.