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@alleycatkate Kate, I should surely give it another try but it just seems to work for me better that way. I think I, like @windwalker, seem to be comfortable in a contorted position! Not really, but I seem comfortable that way. I think that my wedge that I had was just so big that I hated it. I might try another one. And I try not to eat or drink for the three hours before bedtime but I can't do it every time. I would get a partial failure in that department and I know that's not good but I sit pretty much straight up on nights that I cheat.

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@nannette, @windwalker Sleep is so important. On bad nights I was actually sitting straight up too. I was so happy to get
Dr Leventhal's directive on the Acid reflux…I had been to my GI Dr and he was just trying to push meds which I refused. This was such a simple solution that I almost did not believe that it would work as I had tried so many other approaches. I am thrilled that it has (along with cutting out trigger foods) Anyway, Nan, if you still have the reflux maybe you could try a lower wedge or maybe one of the memory foam ones might be more comfortable???…..Just a thought. Good luck! It is always a dance. Good health to you both! Kate
Windwalker….haha…the pet cuddling might just be the most important part of therapy in my opinion. You would have died laughing seeing my bed at one point with 14 cats roaming and cuddling during the night. (tolerant husband) Thankfully, I am down to 2 cats in the bedroom now.