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Justin Mc Clanahan you wrote: "You have certainly provided a detailed report of the person who has had a total knee replacement"

Have you perhaps confused my post with one written by someone else?

My post said absolutely NOTHING about "a total knee replacement". To the contrary, the very FIRST sentence of my post states: "bi-lateral congenital hip dislocation and multiple THA replacement and revision surgeries"

THA is the widely understood acronym for Total Hip Arthroplasty – MEDICAL terminology for the LAY term: total HIP replacement.

You asked: "Is this a medical report?"

If by "medical report" you mean a report written by a physician, no it is not a medical report. It's a recapitulation of my best understanding of relevant facts.

Finally you asked: "May I ask what your relationship is to the patient? Are you his spouse, caregiver and/or advocate?"

If you require me to define my relationship you may consider me a caregiver and/or advocate. I'm seeking to assist someone sort through a difficult and persistent problem for which he's receiving little substantial help from his medical providers.

Alas, it appears that my effort via this forum was an exercise in futility as yours was the ONLY response and you somehow understood my post to be about a completely DIFFERENT condition than the one I described.

This result is a mite disappointing as it took several hours to compose my March 14 post. If nothing else, this result helps me understand and underscores the PATIENT'S frustration — as stated in my post, although HE'S articulately reported his symptoms and functional problems, his medical providers don't listen.

Perhaps this is simply the way of the world now – use of Twitter, text messaging etc. have abbreviated the modern human brain's ability to attend.

No matter — I'LL keep trying , , , likely elsewhere.

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Hi @suzeeq
I appreciate that you took great care and effort in writing your message of March 14. It would appear that you are seeking a second opinion of medical professional. Mayo Clinic Connect is an online community connecting patients, parents and lay caregivers. For medical advice, I recommend contacting Mayo Clinic, at your preferred location http://mayocl.in/1mtmR63

Should you have any questions about the management of the Connect community, please contact me using this form: https://connect.mayoclinic.org/contact-a-community-moderator/
Colleen Young
Community Director