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Cavernous sinus meningioma

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I live in Montana. Rochester was an 11 hour drive.

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I want to have my records sent to Mayo or go there. There was one suggestion from a successful surgical woman in Pennsylvania who had the same tumor in the same spot. I think you nailed it ok the head when you said that there is a huge frustration that it will only be managed and never truly taken care of. I was told that with meningiomas that they can grow back, they they can reappear or another can appear at anytime. Also that typically in our area they are very hard and dense and 60% of the tumors don't shrink. Is there anything else you were told??? I am to get am MRI every year unless my vision gets worse or my headaches worsen ( they can't possibly) or my gait is off more than I am unable to stand on my right foot and I cannot walk toe to toe. Also I have the vagal nerve reaction and if that worsens.