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Cavernous sinus meningioma

Brain Tumor | Last Active: Aug 29, 2020 | Replies (32)

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Gosh…I wish 8 had advise for you but I dont know about this tumour…do they say if it is cancerous or not ? I have similar symptoms but these were caused by the surgery that was needed to remove a tumour in the 4 th ventricle… all I know is that it's been a hellish life changing year but slowly slowly getting better…I'm in New Zealand and presume ypu are in the states…I thought the best treatment was there… goodluck and post how its going

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Thank you for your reply. I hope that you at least felt like you got good and compassionate care. That is what seems lacking in the Seattle area where I initially was diagnosed. I go for the second opinion today to a cancer center in a much smaller town (though the mother hospital is based out of Seattle). Just that they were so compassionate and kind has already made me feel better. Are you saying surgery, initially made things worse? And are gradually getting better? Did you also have to have radiation? Best wishes

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