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CRPS Question: Itching

Chronic Pain | Last Active: Mar 30, 2019 | Replies (21)

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I live in New York. I was pretty healthy before my ankle fracture. But do have severe environmental allergies. I’ve never suffered from hives prior to Jan 2019.

I’ve been reading that people with CRPS, their health starts declining once diagnosed. I feel like that has started since Jan. 13 months into this mess.

I really believe the itching is from the nerves. But I just don’t feel like anyone listens.

I don’t know which dr to go to to figure out my symptoms. Drs say take this med and then pass me off to the next dr.

My next stop is pain management but would he deal with the itching too. It’s my husbands dr so I know he won’t prescribe meds. So then what?

I know this isn’t an early find. I already have muscle atrophy in my calf and my ankle. But I don’t have the severe all day burning pain. But have everything else all day long.

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@rsnowflake @rags,

Am waiting for reply from a pro. From my experience I stay away from pills. I do have a tens unit for pain, script for lidocaine patches and lidocaine -prolocaine cream, and my spinal cord stimulator. For extreme pain or parts not covered by stimulator, I do take prescribed oxycodone. I do take it sparingly. I do have about seven left out of thirty that I got in July.