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Autoimmune attacking my lungs

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Hi Suzi. I’m sorry about why my long email does not totally appear ... I’m really a long email writer 😔. Anyway, I went to my rheumatologist and he further
increased my prednisone from 10mg to 15 mg. And my Cellcept from two tabs to three tabs daily. As of now I don’t
Have Sjögren or RA ... it’s just my
Lungs. But my good doctor also said I’m a difficult case. He will taper my Pred to 12.5mg in 15 days and then 10mg and then just 1mg each tapering. Reading several comments in Mayo Connect
I see that one advantage I have
Living in the Philippines is that I can set an appt with all my specialists in short notice and I am accommodated. Although of course health expenses are personal expenses
For us and not
Covered by govt insurance. I pray that the next four weeks will be easier for me. Hope you get your answers too, Suzi. Btw I am female 71 y/0.

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Your Doctor said you are a difficult case. Maybe he doesn't know what's wrong with you? Have you had blood work done, if so, what did it show? Can you access your test results on line via your healthcare system web site? That's a good place to start, what test results are. You'll get to understand the stuff soon. Just keep Googling and asking questions. We have to be our own best advocate! I'm F, 62. Was your Prednisone and Cellcept raised to help your symptoms?