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Thank you for the reply and message @jenniferhunter

This was my result from my hepatic echo.

Real-time sonographic examination right upper quadrant obtained. The gallbladder is unremarkable. No gallstones are seen. No biliary dilatation was seen. Common bile duct measures 2 mm. Heterogeneous known uniform echo pattern liver is seen. No discrete focal liver lesions were seen. No solid or cystic lesions were seen. No intrahepatic bile duct dilatation was seen. Findings suggest liver parenchymal disease. Correlate clinically. Pancreas not seen due to bowel gas. No fluid seen right upper quadrant.
It made sense that it says "findings suggest liver parenchymal disease" but after seeing two gasterologist/liver specialist, they both agreed it was possible fatty liver which is very common. So there was no more look into the liver.

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@johnwes5819 Are they giving you a plan to do something about fatty liver? It can be reversed, and if not reversed it can lead to many problems. It is common these days due to our diet and if left to get worse it can lead to cirrhosis, which is what happened to me. I never had a fatty liver diagnosis, no symptoms, which is typical. It has become such a problem that it is being suggested that it should be screened for if a patient is either overweight or diabetic. When I was finally diagnosed and went to a hepatologist, she said I probably had cirrhosis for 10 years before it presented itself.