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Benign fasciculation syndrome (BFS)

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Went back to the Neurologist after the fasciculations(twitching) got worse and he did a nerve conduction study and EMG and both were clear/negative. He said what I have is benign, but I'm having a hard time accepting that. Not to mention the fact that this may never go away and it feels like someone flicking/poking me at different spots all around my body, with random flickering of my muscles around my arms and knees throughout the day. I asked about MS or Neuropathy and he said it's not those either. I'm at a loss and not sure if/how I can pursue a diagnosis. My regular doctor put me on Pregabalin and it's calmed the twitching down a lot, but it's still there and in places I've never had twitches before... I'm just a walking pile of benign conditions, geographic tongue, seborrheic dermatitis, petechiae, it seems I have the bad luck of collecting all these...

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This comment made me laugh (the last one) to the extent that I created the account just to reply you you.

I’m 38 and for the last 15 years I’ve been “collecting” these conditions that you’re mentioning. All look autoimmune and all are “hopefully” benign. When I was a boy I had (and still have keratosis pillaris, aka chicken skin), Geographic tongue 12y ago (at the time mistaken for nasty fungal infections), alopecia areata (missing patches on the beard), I could start from my scalp and move all the way to my feet and find one of these weird rare conditions on any body part. And now what drove me to this forum is what looks like BFS. 4 months in, same symptoms as yours. Getting a full check up on Wednesday. But I kind of know it’s gonna go down to anxiety and stress. Actually the combination of all the factors that someone mentioned here (which aggravates anxiety) caffeine, Alcohol, bad sleep, and I’ve been battling all of this with some really heavy CrossFit and I guess at some point the body just said, can’t take this anymore...

Hope you find the way to dial down on whatever stressors you have. I’m thinking of committing to meditation and like I’ve done for training, be super disciplined at daily practice, plus cut out all the shit I swallow. I’ve read across many forums that prognosis (if it’s BFS) is good to great and that people have recovered as soon as they have been able to (really) change their lifestyle. It’ll be hard for me. But Beats twitching the whole bloody day.

Get vitamin B checked. May be low and that may be causing fasciculations.