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Idiopathic neuropathy and dizziness.

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The room does not feel it is spinning. It is more like a heavy head feeling. Hard to describe. Did you have any neuropathy too?

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yes, I have neuropathy (for about 20 years) --- but these symptoms came in the summer with that heavy head feeling -- I would agree with John, f you have not taken any new medications recently, that could be the cause

I have similar symptoms and was recently diagnosed with sensorimotor peripheral neuropathy.
And yes, in addition to increased and prolonged vertigo, like you, sometimes feel “topheavy” as if I’ve swam 2-3 miles and am getting out of the pool. Other times, I’m standing still, and the room spins to the point of nausea, and sometimes I feel like I did many weekends in college after too much if a good time. My cardiologist actually picked up possibility of PN after hearing me describe my symptoms and referred me to neurologist. I had been in PT several times, ENT thought it was ear crystals, but PT unable to repeat feelings with Eply procedures.
Lot of “I don’t know” answers, and being in health care I understand.
This has developed since having COVID along with a cardiomyopathy.
It is quite frustrating trying to figure out the “why” in all of this. Reading John’s Hopkins and Cleveland Clinic literature, dizziness is indeed an accompanying symptom thought due to the “proprioception” issues between the feet and brain that does not match what the vestibular system is trying to tell the brain.
Good luck.