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The Rehabilitation Process for a TKR

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Hi @dkapustin! I had a TKR in May and to be completely honest, it sounds like you are doing great. I also agree with not doing more than they suggest. I got frustrated because I couldn't straighten my leg completely about 2 and half months into my recovery. I pushed it and ended up with a pulled hamstring. I had to go back to using my cane for about a week because I could hardly walk. The soreness will last for awhile, but will ease up. One of the things that I found helpful was Water Therapy. If that is an option, consider looking into it. When you exercise in a therapy pool, it takes most of the pressure off your joints and I found that it helped me get my ROM back a bit quicker. Do you take your pain meds about an hour before you exercise? It also helped me to use heat before I exercised. The heat loosened up the knee some and helped with the soreness. Then use ice afterwards. Recovering from a TKR is a full time job for about 4 months. I was in Physical therapy from May until October. Even though it is really sore, it is worth it. My right knee is a lot more stable. Sometime in the near future, I will be having the left knee done as well. Good luck with your recovery!

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Thank you so much for your response. I do take my pain medication an hour before therapy and every 6 hours actually. I still have those stubborn steri strips clining for dear life, but as soon as my surgeon clears me for aqua therapy, that will be on the top of my list! I’m glad you’re doing better and I’m grateful for your encouraging words. Thanks again!

@ssbionicknee : nice to know you also had more trouble to get the knee to be straight, as opposed to bending. It took me almost 4 months (!!) to finally get there. With lots, and lots, and lots of excercising. Never thought it would be so difficult. Seems most people have problems with the opposite range of motion. Given a choice – not really – I am ok with delayed extension, and really good ROM. Last measured (while sore, stiff, and borderline cramping from yard work, and at PT for hip pain) at 132 degrees.