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elsie – have you tried Tomoxifen?

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Yes, I did try Tamoxifen–the low dose of 5 mg per day. I was quite hopeful about this minimal dosage. I lasted just 10 days. Felt like a war going on in my body that was contained only by my skin. If it were a street drug, I would be on a very bad trip. Evista/Raloxifene has, for me, none of the unbearable side effects of the other endocrine drugs I have taken. But I must be awakened by my husband in the middle of the night to stretch or risk severe leg cramps that can leave me hobbled for days. He is up in the night a couple of times, serving as an alarm wakeup.

Despite the various side effects of the different drugs, I think it is worthwhile to try them. Some people do just fine.

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