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I am not sure I know the difference between a burning pain or sharp pain, but if I had to choose a sharp pain in my heels. I am reading that many women who are on AIs have joint/bone pain and I would am interested in hearing what their docs – either oncologist or orthopedic recommend to treat the joint pain. There must be some remedies other than going off the pills

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Francine6829, I’ve had some pretty bad joint pain that I thought was just my arthritis kicking up again. I’ve been on Anastrozole, that gave me some nasty cognitive issues, and switched to Tomoxifin early last spring. Both cause me not to be able to think straight. Mostly forgetfulness. I truly felt like I was loosing my mind! At my last visit with the oncologist, she gave me a 3 month break from meds to see how I’d feel without them. it’s been a GodSend to feel like my old self again! I also read every scholarly article I find scholarly about the cognitive effects of estrogen blocking medications that can find. There was one earlier the year about cognitive effects and estrogen lowering meds that was excellent. I should have book marked it, so I could post it here… but of course I forgot… I’ll keep looking for it, and post if I find it again. I’ve read so much in my search to understand breast cancer, and various treatments, that my brain in completely on over load. I have given it rest for a while, and just rely on my doctor, Dr. Saundra Buys, at the Huntsman Cancer Institute; I know she is highly regarded nationally and I have every confidence in her judgement. One thing I’ve had reinforced through this journey is, that even with as much as we know about medicine, and in particular breast cancer, it’s often still a crap shoot for even the most experienced and educated physicians there could possibly be. We don’t as of yet, have a real ‘cure’ to this dreaded disease. I’m grateful for what we do have, and try to stay as optimistic as possible. After all I’m not dead yet… and this afternoon, I’m heading outside to do some gardening— My favorite, pastime, and I’m gonna enjoy every second of it!!!! ‘Today’, my hobby rules, tomorrow maybe I’ll think about my challenges with cancer—or maybe not!