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@dhelmstetter, I could do the roofing nails part without a problem but PD equipment and supplies would take up so much space in my tiny apartment it would be hazardous, especially since am in a wheelchair. Home HD also would be impractical as I already sleep with CPAP mask & tubing and small machine plus my wheelchair is on a charger near my bed all night so where would I put another machine, even assuming I could afford to do dialysis at home with just Medicare and a Medicaid spenddown so high it's about a third of my income? The stark reality is that wealthy and/or well-insured people get treated and poor people die from lack of treatment. If I sound angry, I am. But right now I prefer anger to tears. Sorry to be so blunt.

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@kamama94, My parents told everyone the story that age three, I came stomping into the kitchen saying I was really mad at God. When asked why, I said: Because He put more sunshine in the neighbor's yard...perfectly understandable, yes?

Still, I was well into adulthood before realizing that women, particularly, were less likely to express anger which came so naturally for me. While I'll go to the mat over injustice for another, I do not rise to the occasion as well for myself. I think anger can be a good tool like others and can sometimes prompt an action for a better result.

No need to apologize, imo, you are simply stating the deplorable truth that the "haves" live much differently from the average, hardworking American. While expressing anger comes far easier for me than tears, my daughter is horrified and embarrassed that spontaneous tears occur for her when she becomes angry. I'm with you 100% in choosing anger over tears over the disparities between those with more vs those of us with less. Some days are just too much for even the best of us and then another day arrives and we feel better. Hoping you find some comfort in remembering that others are rooting for you and want to share your journey.