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Warning! This is a rant!

Primary reason am having to have permacath placement and will have to go to dialysis cllinic 3 times a week instead of doing peritoneal dialysis at home is the total unreliability of Fed-Ex to deliver equipment and supplies on time if at all.

Not oonly do they seldom deliver on time, they usually lie about delivery attempts being unsuccessful, either saying I'm not home (I'm home all the time except for doc appointments because I'm homebound) or saying my business was closed (I don't have a business so can't be closed.)

Truth is, delivery peeps don't read and/or follow large print instructions posted on building door and in entryway as to how to access this secure building despite my and other tenants' explanations as to how deliveries are to be made.

Wanted to get this off my chest. Let 'em sue me, I don't have any money and what I said above is provable truth.

In the interest of fairness and honesty, additional equipment and supplies in my home do pose a huge fall risk neph would prefer we not take..

This in no way excuses shoddy delivery services, however.

There! I feel much better now. Thanks for letting me babble.

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I appreciate your frustrations. I met with a surgeon for peritoneal dialysis but due to an abdominal aneurysm surgery, was told I wouldn't be a viable candidate. My nephrologist keeps trying to convince me to do in-home dialysis. There is no way I could stick those roofing nails up my arm and my partner can not deal with the sight of blood should there be leakage.

@kamama94, Well, my Irish is in full rant too! I'm ready to write Fed-Ex, your mayor, USPS, Homeland Security, and the Easter Bunny in Protest! That is simply an outrageously unfair, unconstitutional and unholy reason to be having to go the permacath placement and 3xs/week dialysis clinic route because deliveries are not made on time !!!!

My daily cyber pal who lives in Queens, NY, in a large secure multi-family bldg has written how she couldn't get food and medical deliveries because the carriers would Not follow the instructions posted on how to deliver within the bldg. It became a serious issue for her as well during the city mandated lock down.

And yes, one kidney patient about to start home dialysis did share at our local qtrly kidney support group that the supplies required for home dialysis were taking up so much space that her guy had to make a path for her for fear of her falling. She said he was in charge of lifting and storing the supplies because they were too large and cumbersome for her to manage. She also said her guy was very nervous about helping her carry out the procedure. But that is still not the point! At all!!!!! And No! I'm not feeling better yet about this travesty! Where are the cookies, the cigars, and the bourbon when a gal most needs them???? May be up past 8pm making large picket protest signs for FedEx. Anyone else want to join me???