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@kamama94 Well, dear lady, wish you well on this new journey. Now I think you've got a very good team caring for you, but have to wonder if in light of these new developments you might consider Mayo Clinic? Or, if not Mayo, perhaps another center near you. Don't know how convenient such a visit would be, but it seems to me that no answer is an unacceptable answer. I tend to believe that there are all kinds of medical experts out there who just may know the answer. The trick is to find him her!! In the meantime, please know we are all with you in spirit, and hope you'll have some good news for us soon!!! Take care!

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@trishanna, my neph is from Mayo's. I can't get there and can't afford it even if I could but have every confidence in the docs at the 2 medical schools here and in my hospital. Maybe I'll know something more today. Lab results came in over the week-end so I know we can rule out autoimmune causes from my lab readings. I still say shingles, neph is doubtful. We may never know. My 2nd theory is elegantly simple, therefore probably accurate - my remaining partially functiioning kidney simply got tired and quit. It is what it is. Thank you for your support, I'll be forever grateful for these fora. Will keep you posted.