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@carolannz , @girlbybay– Good morning and welcome to Mayo Connect. I'm with you in your fear! I have COPD, emphysema and PTSD as a result of four lung cancers. But COPD is very scary when you inhale, expecting a normal breath, and you wind up in a struggle. I remember waking up after lung surgery and thinking, as I took my first breath, is this it? This is all I get?
As part of emphysema it is important to move, get fresh air and do as much as possible because if you don't you can wind up with pneumonia. But I get the fear of going outside and socializing because that's exactly where my PTSD has taken me. It's taken some very hard work not to feel this way. I really had to push myself. May I ask you about your panic attacks? Are you getting them because you really find it hard to breath or for other reasons? Are you seeing a pulmonologist? Are you using any inhalers?
May I ask both of you has the anxiety caused you shortness of breath or is is due to something else?

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Hello Jeanette from Fl. here, Its complicated I believe sometimes I get very short of breath due to anxiety and other times I believe shortness of breath and wheezing every breath causing anxiety.I find exercise, walks specifically for me make me feel great! I always carrya rescue inhaler, use Symbicort daily 2 x a day and Spiriva daily 1x. I try to eat fresh organic blueberries daily, some tomato, I drink tons of water, try to think positive, and watch my weight and sleep rules!!!! I need enough sleep, I have an air purifier in one room for me. I have "tons " of house plants in my home for my "psyche" and to clean the air . I have 3 Himalayan salt lamps in my home. I also crave the salt air, overdue to go to beach. Yes sometimes I wake up every night at 4am, and suffer panic attacks. I am making sure to sit on my porch and breathe in fresh air daily and watch , and enjoy the birds etc… I also just love my dog, My "ToryGirl" gives me much joy. I do have a pulmonologist I see again in June. I see my family doctor for lung infections etc…. I hope this shed some light on how I feel, is it similar to you? Jeanette In Fl

@merry I think the shortness of breath and anxiety feed off each other until I feel unable to do anything. I do see a pulmonologist. I use a nebulizer twice a day, Spiriva . My oxygen is at 4 now. I have been reading about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I am seeing that what goes on in my head when I feel anxious is part of the problem. I might have to push myself to go and not let the fear get me.