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Gene Ames, Jr. (@gamesjr)

Glucose Level of diabetics?

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Carol, I was told by my endocrinologist not to come back and she sent a letter to my primary doctor to refill my prescriptions. I was told it was because my AIC is below 7. She did not mention Medicare. My primary said the problem was probably with Medicare. My primary is now a pediatrics doctor and doesn't respond to my complaints anymore because he thinks everything is related to the diabetes and he knows I manage my own diet and exercise. I don't think he will dump me as a patient but I am worried about getting adequate care when I need it. When he did the follow up on my BP, Medicare did not pay, and my bill was huge. I paid it. It is next to impossible to get another doctor in my area if you are on Medicare. My daughter went without family care for two years until they finally found a new doctor in the area to take them as a family. She even had the help of a surgeon friend and his suggestions didn't pan out. They used new urgent care businesses for care for two years. This week I received a notice that Medicare did not pay my nursing home bill from three years ago and I needed to follow up on that or appeal the claim. I am really worried and have established a savings fund in case I have a big problem with bills in the future. I don't think it looks good financially for our future. Dorisena

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@dorisena I don't know. Maybe it's different in different states or areas. I know we check to see if doctors accept Medicare, and some do not and have that on their web sites. The only way to know is to call and ask Medicare.

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