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Gene Ames, Jr. (@gamesjr)

Glucose Level of diabetics?

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Oh, thank you so much for sharing your experience. It makes sense that at age 83 everything is slowing down especially since my doctor put me on those BP pills that make me sleepy. And I don't accept not being able to do everything I have always done, which is my personality. Yesterday I checked late in the day and my number was not high, so that was good news. I am still playing around with when to take the Metformin as my son's doctor gives different instructions than my endocrinologist. But I can't see her anymore, because my AIC is below 7 and that is a Medicare thing, I presume. The system doesn't want you well, I think. I am trying to figure out what besides lack of exercise causes my morning numbers to fluctuate, so I can try harder. When the garden work starts, I will be motivated to work more but I still must stop and rest often because of my back surgery. I suspect those side effects may be permanent by now because it will soon be three years since the surgery. I have never studied the kidney to check for more problems, but I may read about it a little. I know that some days I am at 105 in the morning so naturally I want to make that happen all the time. I have lost maybe five pounds in the last month but am trying not to become discouraged because loss of weight is important for BP control which my doctor is insisting upon. He shows no interest in improving my diabetes, however, and never has, for about fifteen years. Thanks for being my cheer leader, which is badly needed as I live alone, and my family says nothing. You don't need to wear a uniform for me or grab pompons, as I am happy with someone showing some interest in me.

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@dorisena Your number fluctuation does sound like mine. I have tried to figure out what causes the up and down of the numbers. I have eaten the same meal on consecutive nights and the morning numbers are different. I have been told that it depends on a variety of outside factors. It could be that I don't sleep well. Or, any number of things. I have been told also that it helps not to eat after 7:00 P.M. I tried that and it did not work either. I think it just has to do with how well my insides are working—maybe better some nights than others. I just have to go along with my endocrinologist and attribute it to my age. Exercise does help, so I tested that with a Mayo walking program that several joined me on line. Lighten Your Limbs with Friends. We walked a 12 week plan, not to lose weight but to get stronger. I did lose five pounds but I felt better and my numbers were better, so there is great benefit in exercise. I am being a cheerleader for everyone I can share my experience with. I started on Connect as a patient, and I still am a patient. I seek help and answers to questions just as you do. It's a terrific source of people who will help and be concerned. When you have your next dr. appointment ask how much difference age makes. Your working in the garden and the exercise you do is good. Remember to rest, though. Take care of yourself. If you have any more information you want to share or any questions, I hope you will let me know. Sometimes there are just no answers. We have to go with what we can and try to manage our numbers. Remember that with Diabetes, everyone is different.
So glad to hear from you.

My remarks will address Medicare. My husband and I both go to an endocrinologist..
We both are on Medicare and have United Health Care for supplemental. Both of us are below below 7 A1C. I am concerned that so many of you have a problem. Have any of you checked with Medicare?

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