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Gene Ames, Jr. (@gamesjr)

Glucose Level of diabetics?

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@gamesjr Hello and welcome to the Diabetes/Endocrine Group. My name is Carol and I have been a Type 2 Diabetic for almost three years. You ask a question that cannot be answered without more information. It would be nice if one number could determine if you are or are not a diabetic. A non-fasting glucose number of 162 could be because of what you ate, when you ate, you age, your activity, and a long list of other things. To determine whether you are a diabetic, you need to see your Primary Dr. or an endocrinologist to have tests run; that includes an fasting blood, a blood profile, and other checks on the make-up of your blood, body health including height and weight. Everything is checked to get your numbers and a range for them. Diabetes is different for everyone, and the doctor determines the range of what is within limits and whether you are pre diabetic or full blown diabetic or not a diabetic at all. Have you seen a doctor who told you that you are a diabetic? In order to know, you need to see a professional. Then, you can get an answer. I hope you will make an appointment and get a diagnosis.That way, you will know what you need to do and if, in fact, you are a diabetic. Stay in touch and let us know the outcome.
@retiredteacher Carol

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Thanks Carol, I have obtained an appointment with my Primary Care doctor and will turn the question of my continuing border line glucose over to him.