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So nobody knows? How are we with occasional Afib to know how to best manage our blood clot concerns?

So I Called to Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc, maker of Xarelto: my question:

HOW FAST TO WORK? Answer: "Time is short."


I asked if she realized that "short" is a very relative term and means different things to different people! She apologized for the answer but that is it.

I was told if a doctor calls in and asks this question he/she is sent to a "Health care provider line, which has more answers!".

WHAT???? I let her know homy don't play that game…

I asked if this young lady worked for Janssen, the manufacturer of Xarelto, and she said yes. I asked if there might be any employee there who might answer this simple question, and she went in search of such a person…

She said there are charts that maybe a scientist might be able to decipher and then answer my question… But if you wait longer, I will search more and see if anyone here can decode these charts and pictures and tell us…

page 28 of 58: 2-4 hours after tablet intake = max concentration. Took nearly 30 minutes on phone but got it.

58 page doc being emailed to me… This nice young lady got the answer! I will share if that is appropriate or allowed?

NOW: what do we with Afib do with this info?

NEXT question obviously is: IF I begin an AFIB attack, how long before a clot might develop from it??


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@yorlik….. I have AFIB and take Xarelto every day, so I can understand your questions and concerns. I have not done well on some of the medications prescribed and my AFIB is extremely symptomatic, so I will be having an ablation in 2 weeks. I strongly urge you to take your questions and concerns to your cardiologist…..the ONLY person who can give you the answers you are obviously desperately searching for. First you must understand that I am NOT a doctor and there are millions of us out here searching for ways to manage/control or "cure" our AFIB. It sounds to me like you have what is called "paroxysmal (intermittent) AF." This type of AFIB starts and stops on its own. It is the type of AFIB I have been diagnosed with. I can go all day with no "noticeable" AFIB, but after dinner, I will have an episode that can last for a few hours. I am having the ablation because I could not tolerate the side effects of antiarrhythmics. I don't know enough about AFIB to understand how you can go as long as a month with no symptoms…….that sounds wonderful to ME since I have episodes every day. I don't know which meds you have tried and which have failed, I don't know if your doctor would do an ablation without putting you on a trial of antiarrhythmics. I have not heard of ANY anticoagulant medication that can be used on a PRN (AS NEEDED) basis. I have given you no answers because I don't have any. I can only circle back to my original advice regarding talking about these issues with your cardiologist. You can discuss the "Link" device at that time, but it is MY UNDERSTANDING……(NOT FACT) that a Link is not implanted unless several ablations have failed. We ALL know how you feel and we ALL wish you the very best.