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Anyone had shoulder replacement at Mayo Clinic?

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Thank you for the links. I haven't made plans as yet, just considering. I'm 76 years old, in good health. i've had a diagnosis and a second opinion both concluded nothing but shoulder replacement would help. I cannot do my own hair, have trouble putting on anything with sleeves, and sometimes (not always) I'm in constant pain especially if I sit still for too long & depending on the weather. Arthritis is taking over my body including my hands. I've had two successful knee replacements. One Doctor predicted trouble ahead with my back; so far once-a-year shots have helped that. No problem with hips but do feel twinges there once in awhile I do the recumbent cycle for my knees and walk on the treadmill 5X a week, and do very light weights, not free weights. I take Tylenol for pain 2-3X a day. It takes the edge off the pain. And I'm fatigued a great deal BUT I've been active all my life in my family, community and church and want to continue to do so. Both Doctors and physical therapists I've spoken to emphasize how painful shoulder replacement is, worse, they say than knee replacement. So, working myself up to shoulder replacement has been an uphill battle. I will go to Mayo Minnesota or to a clinic in Dallas four hours drive from my home. I would be most grateful for anyone's observations and comments. Thank you!

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Hi, marilynn. I had reverse shoulder replacement 6 months ago at Mayo Clinic, Rochester. Dr. Sperling was great. The recovery was/is difficult, but pain was not a big problem. My shoulder is my dominant arm, so having it in the immobilizer 24/7 for 6 weeks was no picnic. Also, there were passive exercises 2-3 times a day for the 6 weeks. My daughter had to manipulate my arm for those exercises, about 15 minutes each set. At 6 months out, in what my surgeon says is a 2 year recovery, I have some aching at times, but no bad pain. I don't need help with my clothes or hair and I can vacuum, sweep...things I had difficulty with before the surgery. I have been limited to lifting 10 lbs, but can now work up gradually to 25 lbs. Overall, I am very happy that I had the surgery, even though I was ready to burn that immobilizer after those 6 weeks.