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Thanks for the links, @sueinmn I had planned to research that myself but just hadn't had time yet. It does sound reassuring that it should not affect my osteoporosis but I will check on that since the osteoporosis is in my hips and the shots would also be in my hips.

I found it interesting that it says prednisone in doses of 10mg or more will affect bones but I have only been taking 5mg a day yet the endocrinologist I went to, Director of the Bone Density Center at MGH, felt that the prednisone had been the cause of my osteoporosis progressing.

@lioness I will be looking forward to hearing what you find out on Wednesday.

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JK – Long term or repeated use of oral steroids (like my daughter has used for years for intractable asthma, or my friend used for RA) is one of the culprits in osteoporosis, even though the daily dose is relatively low. I learned it years ago, and have never been willing to stay on prednisone except during acute asthma or bronchitis because we have a 4 generation history of significant osteoporosis. My daughter is being switched from prednisone to a biologic for her asthma. So far, in spite of everything, my bone density looks quite good, but hers is beginning to show early osteopenia at only age 40.