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Yes, I Just had one on Wednesday. It was painful but not unbearable. I am having quite a bit of pain afterwards though, I didn't rest like I should have and went to work after. Please rest after you have had it!

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Hello, and welcome to Mayo Connect. We are a community of people living with a variety of health issues, who help each other through their journeys. We are not care providers, so we don't provide medical advice, just share our own experiences.

I had numerous cortisone injections beginning around age 50 while trying to delay total hip replacements, which I finally gave in and had done at age 54. If you don't feel any relief after 7 days, talk to the doc. Even if you weren't a "good patient" who rested, if the cortisone is going to work for you, you will feel it by then.

For the curious among you, I will add that I am now 69 and easily able to run and play with my young grandchildren, garden, walk, dance and pretty much do everything except jump, in spite of worsening arthritis. If I had not listened to the doc, and had the hips replaced when he said "Now it's time" the damage would have been so extensive that it couldn't be done at all. So, by all means, try the injections, but if they don't work, it's time for surgery. (PS My still working 66 yo brother had his done so he could continue to waterski with his grandkids. He says he should have done it 5 years earlier because constant pain is so wearing)

Good luck.