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Recently I have had issues with dizziness. I should have mentioned in my original post that my lungs have an accumulation of mucus and phlegm, which are both proteins. Germs and bugs thrive on protein. They will then cause an infection which goes into pneumonia. I was diagosed with asthma as a child. I was on inhalers and steroids quite often.

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@kjellis, Hi there, do you have a first name? It is ok if you prefer not to share that. I find it more personal than just going by an @name. Welcome to our group, I am so glad that you found us. There is a wealth of information in our older conversations as well as the new ones. I hope you will take the time to read over as much as you can. There are various ways to navigate around this site. Please let me know if you need help with that because there are many ways to gather the info here. I see you are trying to stay germ free as much as possible, and that is wise. I find that it pays to be more careful. For example, if I go into a store, I always grab the door handle at the bottom where others rarely do. When I eat in a restaurant, I wipe down the drinking class with a sanitizer wipe and sometimes the silverware. I have caught most of my colds after eating in a restaurant. During flu season, I send my hubby out to get the groceries. (he loves doing it) Before people come over for a visit, I always ask if they have the sniffles or a cough before I agree to company. Avoiding contagious illnesses is the biggie for us. I do not make myself crazy with trying to avoid mac in the environment. I gave up gardening for the most part. When I do dabble in the yard, I am very cautious. Mostly, I wash my hands often throughout the day and don't dig in the dirt or mess with potting soil. I see that you nebulize daily. Do you do the nebulized saline (sodium chloride)? That is a good one for staying out of the hospital. For awhile there, I had annual visits to the hospital as well. I set a goal on New Year's Eve of 2018 to stay out of the hospital. Mission accomplished for 2018! I have the same goal for 2019.