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@kjellis I may be in the minority, but I have tried to limit how much change I make in my life because of bronchiectasis and MAC -perhaps because I have spent my life with other challenges, surrounded by people with health issues, and we have all tried to live "normal" lives. I realize every case is different, but here is how I manage:
I DO NOT isolate myself at home – am out and about every day – shopping, socializing, going to church, volunteering in my community… I spend time with my daughters & grandchildren, even sometimes caring for an ill little one. I stay away from sick people as much as possible, but I don't panic if someone coughs or sneezes near me. We travel, often staying in motels or with friends and family, occasionally flying.
What I DO: I take my meds as prescribed and sanitize my devices faithfully. I eat a very healthy diet with lots of fruits & vegetables. I keep moving, mainly walking & dancing to keep my body strong. I WASH, Wash, wash my hands with soap and water incessantly. I keep my hands away from my face & mouth & wash them before eating or drinking anything. I take an immune booster if I have been exposed to a lot of people in close quarters, or if I feel a cold trying to break through. I stop and rest for a day or two if I feel like my body is fighting an illness. I use hand sanitizer if real handwashing is not possible. I keep my home, car, electronic devices, other surroundings as sanitary as possible. I keep water bottles, cups, drinking glasses, etc scrupulously clean. I know MAC is harbored big-time in the soil where we winter, so when mowing or other yard work is going on, I stay indoors with the filter running, and the patio and furniture are washed before I use them.
For the 2 years before diagnosis, I was very sick and fatigued, and coughed non-stop. So far, almost a year after diagnosis, on many meds including the "big 3" antibiotics, I have not caught any viruses or bugs. I tire easily, so I try to get extra rest. My worst remaining issue is trying to maintain adequate body weight, so I eat extra nutrient-dense food, smoothies, protein powder shakes, and take a good probiotic.
Good luck as you start this journey. Remember, it is a "life sentence" not a "death sentence," keep going and don't give up.

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@sueinmn Thank you for the encouraging words. I was able to stay out of the hospital for a year. I celebrated each milestone. I was on antibiotics quite often it seemed. It is with those setbacks with the pneumonia and hospital stays that I seem to want to stay isolated more. Especially with all the sicknesses going around right now. Thankfully i do have hobbies to keep me busy. I am trying to be more active to exercise my lungs. I also struggle with my body weight. I drink lots of water, protein shakes, and eat non processed food, as well as a good probiotic. I appreciate your kind words and sharing your journey with me.