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Undiagnosed for years and desperate

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@vanessab Hi Vanessa, and welcome to Connect. I too have no answers, just concern and sympathy. I know what it’s like to not have a diagnosis, but thankfully I only went through that for about a year and a half. After that I vowed that if I ever again did not get a more timely diagnosis I would head to Boston, (55 miles away) and stop wasting my time up here.
I hope you can find a doctor who will figure this out. I think being a good diagnostian is a special skill, obviously that is what you need.

At this point in time, with all he has been through, I think the tight stomach could actually be from stress related to it. Anyone going through all of this would be highly stressed.
Please let us know when someone does figure this out.

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You are completely right about the waste of time! We are about ready to shell out the money to try Mayo clinic. With every test though there is a new hope that "this is the one" "this medication is going to work" and then you wait for the results and then get an appointment and they say no, all clear, it isn't that but let's test this and then the cycle starts all over again and poof like that is been 2 years!
He and I are certain it is not stress related. Even with being off work now for over a year and zero stress and he is really not an anxious guy as it is, is never goes away, it is constant for 10 years. It may be the same feeling as someone with anxiety but it is not tied to his emotions, it is purely physical. Also he has gone to counselling as well as tried some anti-anxiety medications and they didn't help. I can't wait until someone figures it out and it will all just make sense! Thank you

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