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Good days, bad days

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Hi @amytro – Two points I wanted to confirm from my own experience. First, don't let anyone hurt you – physical therapist or not. My in-home physical therapist told me not to do anything that hurt – some things are uncomfortable but nothing should be painful. Also, when I was just starting walking outside, he told me if you have to wonder whether you can do it – don't. You don't want to risk going to far so that you overstress the knee on the return trip. Second, I truly believe in finding one therapist and sticking with her/him. Before my 1st TKR (Apr 2017), I went to a PT organization that shifted the therapists around randomly. I never felt that I got personal, compassionate attention. So before my post-op PT, I found a place that assigns one therapists and you stick with that person through the whole process. I was lucky enough on my 2nd TKR (1/29/19) to get both my in-home and out-patient therapists back to do my therapy. I felt so fortunate!

I'm wondering if they prescribed you an antiinflammatory – like Celebrex? That was helpful to me in the beginning (I couldn't take it for long because it upset my stomach). Also, do you take your pain meds before PT? At 4 weeks, I still definitely needed them. Good luck with your recovery!

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Thank you, Debbra. I do have a month's worth of Celebrex (they are giving me something for my stomach). And yes, I do take my pain meds before PT and ice right after. Glad to hear that you needed the meds at 4 weeks too. I want off of them but can't imagine doing that now or even next week!!