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@@aliali - Good morning. I am a volunteer Mentor at Connect and have vast experience with depression. The feeling of depression is awful and I can tell you that I'd be perfectly happy to feel all powerful and important all the time. I'm sorry to say that I do not believe that this is very realistic. I think that you are asking how to stay high all the time, with feelings of high esteem, feelings that are great and positive with no negative judgments at all. It's very common for a person in their early twenties to want to conquer the world, be omnipotent and woe the world. Your life is really just starting as an adult and you want to show everyone how special and great you are. But realistically you are the only one who feels that this is important because everyone else your age is thinking the same thing about themselves.
I know that you have been depressed for a while and use an antidepressant. I use to love the feeling of a tranquilizer or anti-depressant when it kicked in. I felt as if I could conquer the world, but unfortunately no one can. I also hated it when the pill wore off. Do you know what started your depression? I am also wondering why you are taking your antidepressant at night. I take mine in the morning. When you exercise you fill your body up with wonderful "feel good" chemicals but eventually they wear off. Since you can't exercise 24/7 you need to figure out how to help yourself during those times. Try not to feel like a failure when you aren't feeling so high.
I don't think that it matters where you live when you are depressed, it's unfortunately a universal problem, but this is where you live so you have to go inside of yourself and deal with the pain that is causing your depression. Perhaps your doctor isn't the right one to talk to. Maybe you can see a therapist or see a new one.
Are you working, spending time with friends, in school?

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I wish to talk to you privately to answer your inquiries very explicitly and honestly.
“Do you know what started your depression?”
Yes, I do, but do not wish to mention it here publicly!