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I’m 1.5 years post op on the TKR of my left knee and 6 months post op of my right knee. My knees also feel tight and heavy...like I have a 3 lb weight attached to each knee. My left one was feeling this same way when I had the surgery on my right knee. I mentioned it to my surgeon just before the surgery and he decided to manipulate the left one while I was under for the surgery. He told my husband there was a significant amount of scar tissue. It felt great...loose and not heavy afterwards. But it didn’t last. I’m seeing him again next week to see what he thinks. I went through PT each time and had good ROM when I was done but I guess I must not have been aggressive enough after I was released from PT. How long can scar tissue form after surgery?

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I wish I knew something that would help. I’m 3 years and 4 months out now, and no change in the tight band feeling or the tight compression feeling in my lower leg area. I’m convinced that it is nerve damage. All surgeries have risks of complications. I’ve had both hips replaced with no complications. So go figure.

I do mention the fact that this tight band feeling is still there every time I see my doctor, in hopes that maybe there is some miracle cure for it now. I stay busy and try really hard not to acknowledge the pain as I go through the day. I’m grateful that my knee does work.

Hoping that you find something that will help you. 🙏🏼