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Not sure how you are doing now but this sounds like my story. TKR 2018 revision 2020 and still those PAINFUL TIGHT bands. New doctor tells me it’s nerve damage from 1st surgery. Still working to correct it. No other choice. 64 yrs old and I just want to walk up the street without tear producing pain

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I feel badly for all of you still experiencing pain. My TKR was six months ago and have had tight band feeling ever since, but not the pain you describe. I’m trying to adjust to it. I believe it has to do with nerve damage, as I initially had a couple days of drop foot following surgery and foot tingling for months. Fortunately both of those are better. Doctors need to do a better job beforehand explaining risks, along with % who suffer from them. I know I would have given even more consideration to this operation than I did had I known what I know now. I hope you find relief.

It’s been 3 years and 4 months and no change in my knee. I wish there was something miraculous to report that helped me. My opinion (no medical person has told me this) I feel this is nerve damage from the surgery. If it doesn’t get better in 18 months or so, it may not resolve. All surgeries have risks, and this was just a bad roll of the dice.

I’ve had both hips replaced with no problems at all. I try to stay busy and not think about it, with various degrees of success 🙄 praying that something will work for you 🙏🏼