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I fist posted in this therad back in March. First knee was done in Oct. 2018, second one in Dec. 2018. I still have the tight band feeling in my first knee. It doesn't hurt but is annoying. I have found nothing that helps. I work in the medical field and in fact work at a surgery center among the staff that did my knees. I have read through this entire thread and no where have I seen anything about nerve damage. I am thinking that is what happened to me. My doctor won't admit it, but what else could it be? I understand I am still in my first year of recovery, but not having this feeling in my second knee tells me this could be the answer since nothing helps. I find during work that I don't notice it, I am on my feet all day in a surgery center. Anyhow.. I just thought I would update my progress. Thanks ahead for any resposes.

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@medinafive thank you for your update. I posted last spring too. My right knee was replaced Oct 2017, and I have had the tight band feeling from the beginning with no improvement, and no answers. Since the time I last posted, I have tried CBD oil (waste of money), any type of so-called pain relieving creams my friends wanted me to try (didn’t help), a chiropractor and massage therapist.

At least the chiropractor will talk to me about my experience, which is validating. At the orthopedic center, if I bring this subject up during a routine visit, all I hear is crickets, fumbling around and the subject quickly changed. I, too, am convinced this is some kind of nerve damage. My leg tissue below the “tight band” feels contracted like a charley horse and heavy. Yet palpitating the tissue, it is soft, not hard. So, what else would give a person the FEELING that there is a tourniquet around the area below the knee and a charley horse in the calf muscle: nerve damage.

Another friend talked to me about a successful procedure she has had at a pain clinic: nerve ablation. I haven’t gone for a consultation, but wondered if any of y’all have heard of or tried this treatment? And no, the chiropractor and massage therapy have not fixed this problem. They have given me a little temporary relief and i have learned a lot about physiology, and it has been empowering to be heard.

I have not given up the idea that one of us will find a solution to this issue one day. It seems like it will be up to us to find the answer. Let’s keep each other updated. Thanks!

I'm seven years and still have that feeling both knees were done in 2012 3 months apart.

I'm just wondering how you are doing now and if you did anything that helped…I had mine done in August 2018 and December 2018 and continue to have the rubber band feeling. Very frustrating to say he least!